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Dispatchers ALLWAYS call you several times for the same call and despite the fact that you tell them that, (a) it is too far away, (b) the pay rate they are offering is way too low, or (c) you are unable to take at this time, they continue to badger you to take the call. I have had them offer as little as $30 to take a service call up to 2 hrs away and when you tell them it is too far away they up the pay to $65 and tell you that they really need your help....give me a break.

If Barrister would assign a dedicated dispatcher to a group of technicians they would quickly learn about what geographical area you work in and what would be acceptable pay for a particular technician. I also recently had a denial of payment on a call they owed me $75 on. They did not pay this because they charged me for 3 Re-dispatch fees of $25 ea from at least 2 to 3 months prior. I have no way to factually dispute any of these due to the fact that they charged me months after the fact.

I made my mind up that I would only let this happen once and if they "sucker punch" me again with a charge like this in the future, it will be the last time I accept a service call from these idiots.

By the way, the email I got back questioning my non payment of the $75 ended by "thanking me for my business". Laughable eh?

printdoctor wrote the review because of poor customer service at Barrister Global Services Network. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $75 and wants Barrister Global Services Network to issue a full refund.

Author liked the most one or two decent reps. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1263248

Wow! Dejavu!

Sounds just like my experience. Does this sound familiar "we have a pre-approved rate of $35"...

An absolute pain to work with. Every job is a "favor". I did hundreds of favors over 2 years.

And, yes, you should be able to turn down a job.

Especially when they are only offering $30 or asking you to drive 8 hours away. They act like children or drug dealers calling every 30 seconds until you pick up the phone, never leaving a message. Two hours was probably an average for me.

Less than an hour was a blessing. Most of their work was 2-4 hours from me and they asked several times for me to go two states over for the same peanuts they offer on every other job.

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